Please Forgive Us

Please Forgive Us For making you bleed, scream and cry For judging, criticizing, plagiarizing, and condemning you For all the times you have felt unheard, unseen and disrespected For the brutal killing of far too many of your people for centuries For making you our slaves For oppressing you, stepping over you and keeping you in the shadows For wrongly accusing SO SO many of you in the name of justice For the magnitude of times we have shamed, blamed and maimed you For the blatant and often subtle prejudice energy we project at you daily to this day For thinking and acting as though you are less than us For withholding you from your basic human rights For not seeing you as our equal For not protecting you and taking a stand for our brothers and sisters For turning a blind eye to your innocence and not holding your perpetrators accountable for their actions For all the ways WE have trespassed against you . . . Please Forgive US! Painting & Poem by Judy Giovangelo

June 2, 2020

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