Meditate & Create was GRRREAT!

Wow! What a wonderful workshop at the Enchanted Fox this past Friday night. Eleven women ranging in age from 17 to 80 came out to experience this event! It was a combination of relaxing and centering through meditation and exhilarating, creative and fun, fun, fun through art and community! I am so grateful!

Each woman drew from her inner landscape through meditation to create her individual plate! One of the students was surprised that she was drawn to an image after the meditation that represented her brother who is no longer on the earth plane. What came through was a realization that she desires to be more connected to spirit! She didn’t know how the meditation would be tied in to the experience, but was thrilled with the outcome and said “the meditation helped me a lot”. Everyone came in very stressed with the recent news of Paris being under siege and meditation brought every one back into their hearts and they were able to let go and focus on the moment! What a GIFT!


A mom and daughter who I have been working with for fourteen years came to this workshop and had so much fun creating together. I first met Rachel when she was 3 years old. She was my first YogaKids student at my Yoga, Meditation and Art Studio (Diamonds in the Rough) in Medway that I closed in 2010 and has been coming in and out of my programs every since. She and her mom Marin (who is back practicing yoga through the chakras with me at my weekly class at the Enchanted Fox on Monday nights) wants to have me teach “Meditate & Create” What’s On Your Plate with all of her college friends this winter. HOME PARTIES – Here we come!



Would you like to book a home party too? Meditate, Create, Connect with your PEEPS and leave with a remembance of your time with your friends and a reflection of what you want to create into your future. REMEMBER, What you focus on, is what you create? Theme's available (i.e. Christmas Plates, Collage/Affirmation Plates, Angel Plates, Memory Plates) Meditation to align with theme! EASY & FUN! Anyone can do it. It's paper and glue! No expeirence necessary. Hostess receives FREE plate and BONUS gifts!

Contact Judy at or through my website at Free free to sign up for my newsletter for upcoming events!

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