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I am an empath.  I was born this way.  I came into the world an open sponge for the world of pain around me and had no language for understanding my innate sensitivities and no support from the people around me. They simply didn’t know how to deal with such a sensitive, intuitive, empathic kid.   (see 30 Traits of an empath)  Growing up was really, really hard for me and I almost left the planet on many occasions.  I engaged in self harm for most of my teens and early adult life.  Empaths tend to be highly creative and thankfully it was through art and writing that I managed to stay in my body and find ways to manifest more positive outlets for BEING ME!  It wasn’t until I became a parent to my own empathic children that I began to see the correlation and heal myself from the wounds of my own past and provide tools to my own sensitive ones to manage life in the fast lane and navigate the societal box of our current educational and cultural system which diagnoses our kids with any number of ABC labels and douses them with prescription drugs to fit the model of our world.  

Over the years of raising my children, I developed a power-filled toolbox to move from lack and victim consciousness to abundance and empowerment from within myself first and then affecting change around me by being the change in my own life.  The result was miraculous and shifted my home and family dramatically.  Even though I lost my middle child Ben to suicide at eighteen years old, he had major shifts as a result of the work we did together.  (See www.benspeaks.org) to learn more  

Intuitive Master & Spirit Medium

I have been deeply psychic and intuitive from the time I was birthed into this world. (Intuition and Psychic Description) link here.    Another quality of an empath.  My intuition has saved my, you know what? more times than I can count.  I started to develop as a spirit medium in my late twenties through the tutelage of my sister Candace, who was also extremely gifted, and trained by a highly practiced medium at the Spiritualist Church of Greater Boston in the early 80’s, Carol Ford.

I taught Mediumship & Intuitive Development for many years and created a following.  When I lost my boy to suicide in 2009, my mediumship and intuitive gifts came to full light through the channeling of my own son and what later became the voice of Archangel Metatron, among others.

I bring this gift to my healing and coaching work to support my clients to connect to their guides, loved ones who have passed on, to clear emotional and mental blocks, heal past wounds and create greater clarity, connection to spirit and well-being,

Mediumship & Intuitive Development (9 Hour Course)

I teach monthly workshops to support others to develop their own intuitive, psychic gifts and recognize the signs that surround them. (See calendar, facebook LINK to Judy Giovangelo) for latest offerings.  

I love doing home parties for Intuitive & Mediumship Development.  If you want to book a home party, contact me at giovangelo@comcast.net or call me at (617)592-6715
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Energy Healings  – Reiki, Sound/Tuning Forks, Access Consciousness BARS, Hypnotherapy and SRT’s (Subconscious Release Technique)

Energy Healings generally take place on a healing/massage table in my home studio in West Roxbury, MA or Grow You Healing Center in Holliston, MA .  I love energy work!  I have the ability to see and pinpoint through the chakra system, dialogue (your story)  and the body, where the challenges and dis-ease is rooted. About fourteen years ago, I learned Reiki and have a great time teaching it and using Reiki with my clients.  It is a nurturing and deeply healing modality that is foundational to my work and widely used today in hospitals and clinics to reduce stress, inflammation in the body and aid in recovery from surgery. Check my schedule for Reiki Trainings.   

Since then, I have added sound healing through Solfeggio Tuning Forks www.somaenergetics.com, Access Consciousness BARS www.accessconsciousness.com, as well as, Hypnotherapy and Sub Conscious Release Technique.   Tuning Forks work deep into the core in a way that Reiki cannot reach.  BARS, Hypnosis and Sub Conscious Release support my clients to change the internal tapes at the subconscious level to effect real and lasting change.  When you make change at the level of the subconscious mind, you literally begin to see marked change in your behaviors, reactions and triggers, heal them and begin to create a new story.  

Remote Healing

It took me years to let go of needing to support my clients face to face in a workshop, yoga class or on the healing table and realize the potential for healing remotely.  I have had many clients shift in huge ways through this process.  I need specific information from you, so If you are interested in remote healing make an online payment through my store for a single session LINK or 3 sessions LINK and email me the following completed questionnaire LINK   I will send you a breakdown of everything that I cleared from your energy and chakras.  Most people have significant emotional blocks in their energy and I access & clear them through intuition, kinesiology, emotion code and BARS access consciousness.  I have had many clients heal from physical pain, depression and anxiety, mental fatigue and more immediately following sessions.  Sometimes not being in the room is even more powerful.  The ego is out of the way.  


I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over twenty years and am an ERYT Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher in Massachusetts.  I am a Bikram Practitioner and certified in several yoga styles including Yoga Kids and The Energy of Flow with Daniel Orlansky.    I am an eclectic teacher and draw from the chakras as a base for my teaching.

I have found no better practice then yoga to reduce stress, grow emotionally strong and provide a foundation for greater balance, clarity and flexibility.   I have taught two classes of Hatha Yoga at the Enchanted Fox in Medway on Monday nights at 6pm and Wednesday mornings at 8:45 a.m. for years.  If you want to take a class for me, come to the Enchanted Fox for a class.  

Expressive Art

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE creative expression and manifestation of ones visions and empowerment through ART. I offer periodic Open Art Studio at my center where you can come and create a vision board, candlelight vase, treasure chest or affirmation plate. I am available for home parties too.  Check out my alcohol ink prints and meditations available for sale in my on line store.  They make wonderful gifts and are a labor of love.  

My Book “Phoenix Rising” A Mother’s Journey Through Life & Loss –
Meet The Author

Through my recently released book, The Phoenix Rising, A Mother’s Journey Through Life and Loss, I will share deeply about my personal story, the incredible spiritual unfolding & miraculous signs that I received from my son Ben from the moment of his death that shaped the extraordinary mission that was born of his loss and is serving youth and families today through my non-profit organization www.benspeaks.org.

If you are interested in hosting me, please reach out at judygiovangelo@benspeaks.org.   A portion of the sales for my book go to support our programs Ben Speaks Power of Choice Programs and Provider Network.


I am also available to speak to parents, teachers, administrators and caretakers through Ben Speaks THE POWER OF CHOICE.  This presentation has been received by thousands of students, parents and teachers at the middle school, high school and college level through Ben Speaks Louder Than Words.

These presentations provide a toolbox for change and are inspirational and heartfelt.  

The work of Ben Speaks has been recognized by The Massachusetts Women’s Conference as the recipient of the “Be The Change” award in 2012 and by the Boston Celtics for “A Hero Among Us” in 2013. Ben Speaks was the recipient of funds raised at the 2014 Yoga Reach Out Yogathon, side by side with Boston Children’s Hospital.  Our work continues to reach the hearts and minds of many and help support at-risk youth and families to thrive.  I was the recipient of the Myra Kraft Award with the New England Patriots in 2017.    

I would be honored and deeply grateful for any opportunity to speak in your school or community.  I will even go to your neighborhood.  Contact us at www.benspeaks.org or judygiovangelo@benspeaks.org to receive Ben Speaks newsletter or click here to sign up. 

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