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As a Healer

"I was suicidally depressed when I first came to Judy. She was unafraid, and could reach me at an energetic level that would in time, really turn things around for me. Her skill is born of a natural gift for healing, and considerable training in specific modalities. It is also birthed on the anvil of her own difficult experiences. Together we were able to bring me back to who I am, unfettered by the terrible weight of a depression that I had been  sure I would not survive.

I'm so grateful to Judy for what she was able to do, and yes, I did also work with doctors, psychiatrists, drugs, therapists, acupuncturists, and other attempts at addressing my depression.  Some of these certainly helped as well, but it was my work with Judy that really set a tone that was not verbal, not chemical, and not common.  It was the tone and color of my eventual recovery. Thank you Judy!"

Laura Catanzaro
Boston, Ma.
August, 2015

As a Coach

"Judy’s style of coaching extends beyond problem-solving and action plans. Together, she and I have tackled some deep-seated belief systems that were holding me back, despite my ability to put into action what I wished. She listens not just to the words, but to the unspoken conversations happening behind the words, and when she brings this into conscious awareness, we are able to focus in and change what really needs to be changed. She has a great set of “tools” in her “toolbox,” as well as the ability to be creative and suggest new ideas on the spot. I have researched many personal coaches, talked to a few, hired one before Judy, and Judy is by far the best one I have encountered! I highly recommend Judy for coaching anyone who wishes to embrace honest change in whatever area(s) in your lives!"

Rebecca Nancy Schoenewolf Foley,
Holistic LMHC, Reiki Master/Teacher

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