Change Your Story
Transform Your Life From the Inside...OUT!

Judy draws from a diverse toolbox, combining the right mix of modalities for your needs during sessions on a healing table.



  • Full Spectrum Chakra Clearing with Tuning Forks

  • Past Life/Current Relationship Healing and Cord Removal

  • Grounding & Protection Healing for Empaths

  • Head to Toe REIKI Healing

  • Psychic Chakra Readings

  • Mediumship/Angel Readings with combined healing 

  • Access Consciousness BARS® Session

  • Hypnosis for weight loss, phobias, smoking cessation and more!

    Single Session: $120

                                                         Monthly Session: $90

                                                         Bi-monthly: 3 for $225

AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE - 45 minute session - $75.00 

Angel/Mediumship Reading - 45 minute session - $75.00 


To book an appointment contact Judy at or call 617-592-6715. Available for 15 minute phone consultation to discuss options.                    


      Meditate & Create " What's On Your Plate"

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MANIFEST? What is blocking you? Are you ready to BE THE CHANGE through powerful INTENTION? 








What do you focus on is what you inevitably CREATE!

You will be guided on a journey to invoke greater balance on your life's plate and focus on what you really desire in your life (i.e. gratitude, more simplicity, better health...) You will then create a beautiful plate to express your vision/desire. Don't's easy peezy and emerges organically! ANYONE can do it!!

        Candle Light Vase 

Create your own candlelight vase using beautiful unique blend of quality rice papers, special images and little creative flare with paints, glitter, silk flowers, rhinestones and more!

Great way to celebrate your mom or special friend or sister's birthday, create centerpieces for your wedding, remember someone you love who has passed or just have a good ole time gathering your friends for a fun afternoon of CREATIVITY & CONNECTION

These workshops are periodically taught at the Grow You Healing & Art Center

(click here to see calendar). Available for home parties or special groups too!!

The cost is $45 per person and requires a minimum of eight participants for special events and home parties. Hostess for home/special events is FREE. 

Grow You Empowerment Programs for Kids Ages  

7 to 12 

We offer fun and engaging 4 day programs for kids during school vacations in February and April and a full week program for two weeks each summer. This program is filled with tools for empowerment through yoga, meditation/mindfulness, team building through cooperative games, role playing and tons of art. Our summer program includes a full day at Doe Hill Farm in Holliston, MA. 4 day program $200.00 & summer program $325.00. Discounts availlabel for more than one child per family. Room for 12 so book early. Register here for 4 day program 

Empowerment programs are available for home, special events or sports team building. We have several themes or empowering kids though combining yoga or movement based interaction, mediation/mindfulness and expressive art. We can work with your themed birthday party celebration too! 2hours workshops/parties are $45.00 per child a minimum 8 participants. Hosting family is FREE!

Grow You Empowerment Training for Parents

& Professionals working with Children.





The Grow You Empowerment Program teaches key elements and tools to access an inside out approach to greater health, happiness and success. 

The core curriculum teaches:

Your thoughts create your feelings

Your thoughts create your actions

Your actions create your results!

And that each of us, no matter what challenges we face in life , are 100% responsible for ourselves and how we ACT, react or respond in any given situation!



Click here for an overview of program

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