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Grief Recovery Services

...the only way forward is through!

Joy Beyond Grief Program is for people who have experienced loss of any kind and who feel like grief is getting in the way of them living fully.  This program provides a holistic approach to grieving, healing, and thriving after loss.   

Judy is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.  She is trained through the Grief Recovery Method (Registered trademark here) by the Grief Recovery Institute.  This program has been developed over the past thirty years and has supported grievers all over the world.

According to the Grief Recovery Institute, “grief is the conflicting feelings that come at the end of, or change in, a familiar pattern of behavior.”  The conflicting feelings – Not the bad, sad, terrible feelings when someone dies or when a loss occurs, but rather, the conflicting feelings that come when things change.  

My goal is to help normalize the experience and feelings you are having and to let you know that you are not alone.  Joy Beyond Grief is not about giving you hope of finding joy again, it IS about giving you a proven strategy, a tool kit, and compassionate facilitator to walk beside you so you can get there.     
Judy is trained to support her clients one on one in a seven-week course through all forms of grief support.  Her niche is to support grieving mothers and fathers as she lost a child herself.  She is a compassionate, loving and listening heart with ears with a powerful toolbox for change!    


To book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Judy, click here!  

Investment for this 7-week program via ZOOM is $899

Grief Recovery Services

Healing Services

change your story

transform your life from

the inside.... out!

Judy draws from a diverse toolbox, combining the right mix of modalities for your needs during sessions on a healing table or remotely via ZOOM.

  • Full Spectrum Chakra Clearing with Tuning Forks

  • Past Life/Current Relationship Healing and Cord Removal

  • Grounding & Protection Healing for Empaths

  • Head to Toe Reiki Healing

  • Psychic Chakra Readings

  • Mediumship/Angel Readings with combined healing

  • Access Consciousness BARS® Session

  • Hypnosis for weight loss, phobias, smoking cessation and more!

Single Session: $120
3 Session Pack (book no more than one month apart) - $270

Angel/Mediumship Reading - 45 minute session via ZOOM - $90.00

To book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Judy, click here!  




Healing Services

Family Support

the art of self-healing

for families

Judy is a Reiki master, intuitive healer, and teacher with a diverse toolbox for change. She raised three sensitive, intuitive, and empathic children and lost one of them to suicide in 2009.


She has dedicated her life to supporting families like hers to access a toolbox to grow emotional resilience by offering an inside out approach to wellness. Combining Reiki and energy medicine tools and techniques that can support the whole child and family, especially the Ben’s.   

A Ben is a child who is sensitive, intuitive, empathic and does not fit the mainstream model. They are often a person that:


  • struggles to fit in

  • is a sponge for feeling the emotions of others

  • isolate in their teens

  • has a hard time navigating the emotional landscape of life

  • beats to their own drum

  • have a strong inner bully

  • are hurt easily by the people around them

  • tend to either self-harm or hurt others, especially when their emotional backpack if full

This THRIVAL TOOLBOX is for the Bens and their caretakers who are often Bens themselves. This is a three-hour training taught via ZOOM and includes the following instruction:


  • Reiki One Training for (1) parent/adult

  • Reiki One Attunements for trainee and three additional family members

  • Additional attunements available for added cost

  • Are you and/or your child VELCRO? - Understanding and supporting the EMPATH

  • An essential toolbox for the empath to help them ground, clear and protect their energy

  • Five Mindfulness Meditation Scripts to support ongoing change

  • Access to a 10-day detox program for cleansing the body for those interested (additional cost)

  • Instruction Workbook

Cost for this program - $399


To book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Judy, click here!  




Family Support
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