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Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Master Healer


My Mission

It is my personal mission to support the Bens of the world and their families to access tools to thrive.  To support those impacted by loss, especially moms and dads who have lost a Ben, a toolbox to forge a path forward in their lives by moving beyond grief to joy.  

What is a Ben? A Ben is a highly sensitive, intuitive, creative and empathetic individual who struggles to feel accepted.  Click here to learn more about my non-profit organization Ben Speaks.

Grief Recovery Services

Joy Beyond Grief . . . the only way forward after loss, is through. 

You CAN heal! 

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healing Services

A whole person approach to healing
with a diverse toolbox for change.


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A whole person approach to healing
A Thrival toolkit for families raising
sensitive, intuitive, empathic children.

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Inspired Living
Superpowers for Health, love and business
Featuring: Judy Giovangelo


Phoenix rising

A Mother's Journey Through Life and Loss

By Judy Giovangelo

Judy and her family suffered greatly for years with the stigma of mental illness through her son Ben's challenges. Through this book and her work, she supports families in shifting their beliefs from feelings of brokenness to recognizing their gifts, creating a collaborative and supportive community, and becoming a channel for good.

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My nonprofit organization

Ben Speaks provides positive channels of expression and empowerment for a whole person approach to wellness through clinical and holistic resources and education.


... the only way forward is through!

The Joy Beyond Grief Program is for people who have experienced loss of any kind and who feel like grief is getting in the way of them living fully.  This program provides a holistic approach to grieving, healing, and thriving after loss.  

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