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Just Imagine... You Create Your Universe CD

MP3 File format - 7 Tracks for only $10


This CD offers four guided journeys for adults and children through the chakras and the imagination to strengthen self esteem and internal dialogue.   The last track is a song written by my sister, Lyndsey Watson (who is now an angel)  called "In This Moment".  This simple chant is deeply supporting to keep you in the present.   It has been chanted by many women during Lyndsey's days as a teacher of song while she graced us with her presence on this planet.  It is her soft melodic voice that guides you on these journey's as well.  ENJOY!      

All meditations, guided imagery, and affirmations created by Judy Giovangelo, Chief Dream Officer at CircleWorks.


Track 1 - Introduction

Track 2 - Adult Affirmations

Track 3 - Adult Meditation through Inner Planets

Track 4 - Youth Introduction

Track 5 - Youth Affirmations

Track 6 - Youth Meditation to Planet Imagination

Track 7 - In this Moment

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